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Wahal Plants for the Product of Liquid Syrup is an ideal tool in the pharmaceutical industry for the production of Oral Liquids. It is specially designed to consider two key factors that directly affect the quality of Liquids. Low liquid handling and clean operation during production. Wahal Equipment Offers Liquid Syrup Production Plants From 50 Litres To 20,000 Liters. Needless to say, it also offers the benefits of effective use of staff. The Sugar Melt is made of numerous sheets which are installed in the construction legs . The filter is made of quality material embedded between the Sugar Melt vessel and the ship’s production vessel. Manufacturing Machine Made with a reliable sheet and all welding is done with argon arc. The complete unit will be mounted on a Portable trolley attached with:

We are designing a beverage production industry for the use of one operator and one assistant, which saves on significant labour costs.

  1. Sugar syrup – production vessels are provided with a strong coil.
  2. Heating and cooling, designed for an internal vacuum to facilitate the transfer of sugar from stores to a syrup vessel.
  3. The sugar syrup is transferred to production vessels via the first filter of online sugar syrup via vacuum.
  4. The inflow of all agitator propellers is grounded using a specially designed machine surface with a strong metal.
  5. The advantage of lower propeller agitators over ordinary agitators is that there is no shaft vibration, no connection to the drive coupling, which leads to lower maintenance costs for the oral fluid industry.
  6. Pipes, pipe fittings, and valves on the machine, are seamless, electrically polished inside with standard DIN unions and silicon gaskets.
  7. We equipped the ship’s maintenance holes with davit, and the repair hole slide slipped instead of lift.
  8. Automation is available, suitable for the purpose of the process as:
    1. All function controls with PLC controls with touch screen.
    2. Level controls using capacitance probe or electronic load cells.
    3. Digital indicator and controls for all Process time parameters, agitator speed, temperature, pressure and level.

Application and procedure:

Wahal engineer is designed and built to prepare vessels and integrate process information related to sterile injection solution, dispersion, eye products, syrup, and suppositories.

Preparing Tanks:

  • Extremely clean processing.
  • Minimum hand handling.
  • Compliance with design and cGMP
  • Up to 5,000 liters.
  • Atmospheric, Vacuum, or Functional Pressure.
  • Heat and cooling jacket.
  • Internal Pressure Vessel 
  • Heat jacket pressure
  • Heat by steam or hot water.
  • Thermal Insulated.
  • Mechanical or Electro polishing of the interior.
  • Welded, open, or folded type cover
  • Integrated Cleaning 
  • Physical killings on request.
  • Verification agreements and tool festival.

Flexible Speed Variations:

Wahal Water Syrup Manufacturing Industry / Fully Automated Liquid Manufacturing Industry which includes:

  • Sugar Charging / Transmission System.
  • Storm Melt Sugar Vessel.
  • Basket Filter & Transmission Pump.
  • Synthetic Ship Product Vessel.
  • Wahal Inline Homogenizer.
  • Press Zero Lift upwards.
  • Flexible storage tank.
  • Connecting pipe.
  • Transfer Pumps.
  • Integrated automatic control panel.
  • Working Platform.

Wahal welcomes you to explore our machines and our plant! We are happy to help!


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