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EU key industries are focusing more on light weight components owing to its good market growth (e.g. aerospace, automotive and power generation). The challenge however is to achieve a reduced weight complex thin – walled structure possessing high strength materials. The lack of stiffness of work pieces leads to severe challenges during the milling process:

  • High work piece quality is not achievable. Therefore, in many cases manual finishing of the work pieces is required.
  • Achievement of acceptable work piece quality only through time and resource consuming trial and error identification of process parameters that circumvent critical process states. This often results in slow and inefficient processes.

Wahal Process Technologies Pvt. Ltd is Leading Dyno Mill Manufacturer  for the  40+ Years Experienced over 160+ countries Suppliers

Wahal engineer’s dedicated team of experienced researchers has a solution to overcome these problems. Wahal Engineer’s manufactured DYNO Mills are conventional mills with agitator grinding discs for wet grinding in the micro meter range. It is an agitator bead mill equipped with a grinding container to suffice the process of dispersion and wet grinding in a completely enclosed system. Dyno Mill aims to achieve the complete control over the milling process of thin-walled work pieces. This will be realised through a threefold approach combining the development of process planning, adaptive clamping devices and improved cutting conditions.These mills are suited for a wide range of items and can be customized according to the needs of the customers. The system is efficient for its uniquely composed instigator circles, mounted symmetrically on a pole to exchange the vitality required

Dyna Mill / Dyno Mill Machine has a wide range of applications:-

  • Ink Industry
  • Dye Stuffs and pigmentation production
  • Paint industry
  • Food Industry
  • Audio and Video tape coating
  • Thermal and fax paper coating
  • Fillers for paper and plastics industries
  • Pharmaceutical industry


  • The DYNO  / Dyna mills can grind with beads between 0.3-2.5 mm
  • Easy configuration of parameters leads to easy operation
  • A wide variety of materials are produced as per client requirement
  • The system provides very high security


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