Importance of high shear mixers in processing industry

Importance of High Shear Mixers in the Processing Industry

Scope for High-Speed High Shear Mixers during 2019 – 2023, the global size of industrial high – shearing blender markets will grow by nearly USD 94.56 million with a CAGR of almost 6 %. The increased demand for effective mixing of processing industries has led to the introduction of new models of high – shear industrial mixers by several providers. These models are integrated with technological developments to give end – user added advantages. The increased demand for high shear rotors with different functional properties helps to drive the global high shear mixer market.

Furthermore, the high shear mixers enhance product quality and improve efficiencies that help producers to reduce costs for R&D. The high – shear mixer is also known as rotor-stator mixer and is an extremely powerful mixer that is used for the effective dissolution of adhesives, coatings, inks, pigments or emulsions.

The use of high shear mixers in India and in other countries is really encouraging catering to wide range of industries majorly in food, dairy & beverages; pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals; ointments, cosmetic and personal hygene products; chemical and agro-chemicals; paints, inks, coatings & pigments; chemical and agro-chemicals; bitumen processing, an many more.

In a variety of pharmaceuticals manufacturing process namely tablet coating, suspension, and syrups, inline, emulsions, tank agitation the utilization of High-speed shear mixers is salient. The utilization of high shear mixers in India and in other countries is authentically emboldening. The changing requirements and conduct of consumers are challenging producers to produce high grade emulsions and solutions.

The high shear blender is the most versatile blender that reduces the size, emulsifies and harmonizes a variety of formulations and thus boosts the global high – shear mixer market.

Wahal Engineers manufacture and large export a wide range of equipment, including Bitumen Emulsion, PMB, and Cutback Plants. Wahal Engineers, specially designed, makes High Shear Inline homogenizer for work on the principle of a high centrifugal force produced because of its large rpm of rotor mounted in the main spindle. The specially designed minimal tolerance of the rotor and stator makes it very high in shear.

The WAHAL Engineers has a rotary/stator work-head with precise engineering and a minimum tolerance, which delivers far better results due to high shear force produced between the rotor-stator work-head.

The high shear mixer made by Wahal Engineers features flexible adaptability to various media, tasks, and uses, taking account of procedural, technical, cost-efficient, and safety aspects.

Wahal makes a high shear mixer has a single head, but a large number of names.

In a main continuous phase (liquid), with which it is usually intermixed, a high shears mixer disperses and/or transports one phase or ingredient in a tank that contains the solution to be mixed, or a pipe through which the solution passes, a rotor is used to create shear, together with a standard component known as the stator or a variety of rotors and stators. An emulsion, suspensions, lyosols (gas dispersed into a liquid), and granular products can be created by a high – shear mixer.

This is used for the emulsifying and homogenizing industries of adhesives, chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, and plastics. Fluid is sheared by a fluid area which travels with a speed different from the neighboring area. A high – shear mixer uses a rotary impeller or high – speed rotor or a series, usually powered by electric motors, of such impellers or inline rotors to “work” the fluid creating flow and shear. Fluid is sheared when a fluid area moves at a different speed from the adjoining area.

The utilization of High Shear Mixers in many industries namely Adhesives & Sealants, Agriculture, Brewing & Distilling Industry, chemical, Food & Beverage, oil and gas, Pharma/Bio-Tech is now well established.

At the heart of every Wahal engineers, the high shear industrial mixer is a tailor designed solution. A correct dispersion requires a high shear mixer that is appropriate for the container and the components that you mix. Appropriate dispersion requires the appropriate amount of shear which is selective for the wide range of mixers.