Important role of homogenizers in the food industry

The important role of homogenizers in the food industry

Food producers are now working to offer new product categories to meet customer needs, for example, eliminating trans-fat and reducing the content of sugar, fat, and sodium. These new requirements are to be fulfilled while balancing consumer satisfaction and nutrient content. In order to face those challenges, homogenization processes are the way in which food production is completed. There is an optimal mixing procedure for each emulsion, dispersion, and lipid that achieve objectives with the most economical methods. The developer optimizes the mixing process to better suit the product characteristics and requirements, resulting in unprecedented results. The options that adjust the mechanical forces applied to the product during mixing are simple to use. Wahal group of industries and its equipment is used by food biologists to produce high yield cell disorders and stable emulsions. New food and drink products can be created and improved and harmful bacteria eliminated.

Wahal engineers have a modular approach which supports a wide range of process configurations including support options for functions like pasteurization at high pressures. Our equipment is designed for sanitary applications in order to understand the need for an absolutely clean production process. Wahal Group offers unique benefits in terms of innovative technology for producing nano-emulsions or micro-emulsions, dispersions, lipids, improving quality, a longer shelf – life, stability, bioavailability, color, flavor, texture, and nutritional value for many of its products. Production benefits include 24/7 reliable operation and reduced costs at fewer passes and less wear. Jump is ensured to increment production on a daily basis. Options such as automated control, inline process design, data collection, and validation documentation have complied with strict FDA requirements. The different advantages over other methods of homogenization are increasingly being used as a method of food production. The decision of a consumer to purchase one food brand from another is based in large part on its consistency, taste, and appearance. The processing technique, which dictates these factors, should be considered carefully with the most common homogenization.

The benefits of homogenization in the production of food include Enhancing the results of food processing, a Very efficient way to food preservation method and Extending the product’s durability.

(A) Enhancing the results of food processing

The easiness of improving the results of food treatment can really raise a product to higher sales than competitors. A few years back, Tomato juice has been demonstrated to have increased consistency and viscosity due to a high-shear homogenization of the particles, which suspended during processing. The simple ability to improve the results of food processing can actually increase sales of a product over competitors.

(B) A Very efficient way for food preservation method

Like food results, high shear homogenizers are also extremely effective in preserving food. In fact, the method continues to increase popularity for its high level of function over traditional heat treatment. This is because while high hear and heat are able to kill harmful microorganisms, heat exposure kills some nutrients from the food – while the pressure homogenization leaves them undeterred and ready to be used.

(C) Extending the product’s durability.

helf life or the ability of a food to stay fresh before consumption is linked to food preservation in relation to chemical stability. The intense pressure from a high – shear homogenizer leads to more stable chemical structures in most foods, which allows a longer period of freshness than would otherwise be possible compared to foods consisting of larger particles.

A large number of factors can be attributed to a food capacity to have its intended impact, in particular, particle size and particle size consistency. One such example is the high-pressure homogenizer by Wahal group of industries. ​The Wahal group of companies (Delhi / Pune) ​product is trustworthy for the major benefits of nano or micro-emulsions, dispersion and suspension production from researchers and laboratory managers worldwide. This equipment can achieve a consistent particle size of 100 nm or less, an important advantage for a foodstuff product.

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