Food Processor Machine -Baby, Infant food technology


The newborns are exposed to a broad range of solid foods in the first two years of their life. During this period, their nutritional intake increases, and eating skills are also developed. Therefore, the manufacturers constantly need to add value to their infant and toddler food range through innovations related to safety, convenience, and nutrition. 

Processing treatments for baby food and infant formula
After meticulous research by our specialized food production and technology experts, Wahal Engineers offer solutions that will meet the manufacturer’s needs and enable them to fulfill the growing demands of retailers and consumers. With our optimal solutions, they can produce a wide range of baby foods – from infant formula and ready-to-drink products to fruit purees.


Formulation of infant and toddler foods:
The success of infant and toddler foods is based on certain elements of product development such as safety, product purity (i.e., clean label), and developmental appropriateness.


Convenience and nutrition are major drivers that influence practically every aspect of the product and package development. Infant and toddler products are usually shelf-stable and represent a fairly broad cross-section of food types such as – instant cereals, purees, bakery, and snack items (teething biscuits, zwieback toast, and arrowroot cookies), rice instant cereals, and more.


Advantages of our mixers and homogenizers for the baby food manufacturing firms: 


  1. By using our mixers, you can process the foods by hot-fill-hold or retort methods with a very low probability of spoilage or pathogen survival. 
  2. They offer vacuum in processes.
  3. Our mixers have conservative parameters for thermal processing and offer high standards for raw materials, packaging materials, and process control. 
  4. They offer a significant improvement to particle size reduction for infant foods by grinding the fruits and vegetables before they are cooked, producing a coarse puree heated quickly to inactivate degrading enzymes. 


Let’s explore the variety of mixers available. 


  • Powder Liquid Mixing Machine as Powder Liquid Mixer
    Powder liquid mixer works on the principle of WAHALs high-speed powder induction. It is capable of dust-free, loss-free, and contamination-free powder dispersing and mixing. It also includes working heads (i.e., rotor and stator) designed to produce vacuum in the flowing stream of powders induced through silos, stacks, hoppers, and barrels. It is suitable for continuous and batch (re-circulation) processes, ensures no lumps or agglomerates are formed, achieves up to 80% solids in the final product, and does not allow foreign air to get entrapped in the flowing stream.


  • Planetary Mixer/Double Planetary Mixers
    Planetary Mixers/Double Planetary Mixers consist of two identical blades that move in a planetary motion, rotating at their axes. Their ability to turnover thick, sticky, or putty-like materials with great efficiency makes these mixers a standard captive in many industries. When mixing high viscosity products upwards of 2 million centipoises (cP), the blades impart a kneading action to the batch, smoothing out its consistency and breaking up any agglomerates.


A) Power Mix Planetary Disperser (PDM)
Our PDM is designed for great sheer intensity and fast solids dispersion.


B) Planetary Dual Disperser (PDDM)
PDDM delivers unparalleled processing power for new generation batteries, adhesives, composites, pharmaceuticals, coatings, and chemicals.

They are ideal for blending, mixing, and kneading viscous paste under controlled atmospheric conditions, ranges from 100 liters to 2000 liters, have VFD, maintain process temperature, and have vacuum operations.


  • Sigma Mixers (Z arm Mixers)
    This machine is used for the uniform mixing of semi-solid materials. It consists of a U trough with two ‘Z’ shape blades, each rotating in opposite directions for proper material mixing. And are also equipped with a suitable capacity motor and gearbox. So use it for mixing the pasty, thick material uniformly.



  • Thermoshear – the vacuum processing unit
    A customized integrated solution for mixing, cutting, homogenizing, emulsification, and texture improvement applications.


  • Offers direct steam injection (DSI) 
  • Offers vacuum-based homogenization in a hermetically sealed environment.
  • Contra-rotary Agitator with perforated blades, scrapers, and a vortex breaker for perfect agitation/mixing.
  • Tripple jacket with insulation.
  • Offers PLC panel screen, actuated valves, and recipe storage
  • Adjustable shear rate, cleaning-in-place (CIP) model, dosing trolley with lift and tilt conveyor from containers/buggies.


  • Mixing Solutions for IBC Tanks Mixers


Additionally, Wahal makes high shear mixer homogenizers characterized and acceptable for their flexible, economical, technical, and safety aspects.

 Types of Homogenizers 

  • Inline Homogenizer
  • Single Stage Inline Homogenizer
  • Two-Stage Inline Homogenizer
  • Four Stage Inline Homogenizer 
  • Homogenizers for Mixing Dispersing Emulsifying
  • In-tank Homogenizer
  • Intank Batch Homogenizer (High Shear Batch Mixer)
  • Enclosed Shaft Homogenizer
  • Homogenizers for dairy processing
  • Homogenizers for dissolving powder
  • Bottom mounted homogenizers