High Shear Batch Mixers

High Shear Batch Mixer

Wahal Engineers does a range of custom designed batch high shear mixers and homogenizers .

The mixers can be designed for a volume of 1 litre to 50,000 litres and can work at viscosities of upto 50,000cps easily.

We also provide a variety of rotor stator workheads for the high shear mixer to choose from .

The shaft length for the high shear mixers varies from 150mm to 5 metres .

The MOC can also be offered in a range of alloy steels and exotic materials viz. Hastelloy, duplex steels etc.

Further, the batch high shear mixers can also be designed to work under high intensity vacuum and can be offered with proper sealing mechanisms.

Batch high shear mixers can reduce the mixing time to upto 50% and are highly efficient in powder dissolving, blending, dispersion , mixing, homogenization and emulsification .

The motors for our high shear mixers can be offered in TEFC, stainless steel ( washdown duty ) ATEX certified for highly flammable applications as well.

Major applications include: food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals etc.
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Wahal Engineers Manufacturer of High Shear Batch Mixers Machine In India for the Worldwide. You can also contact us for the Inline High Shear Mixers. Contct us for the Details.