ice cream

ice cream

ICE-CREAM Batch Preparation:

Pre-Mix with stabilizers, emulsifiers and preservatives for Ice-cream batch preparation. Wahal provides complete solutions of premixing the batch with High Shear principles.

High shear doing help to dissolve hydrophobic or hydrophilic ingredients into the solvent and prepared a uniform mixer.

The most commonly used stabilizers in Ice-creams and frozen fruits are as –

  1. Locust bean gum(LBG)
  2. Guar-gum
  3. Sodium alginate
  4. Guar Gum
  5. Pectin
  6. Xanthan gum
  7. Gelatin
  8. Carrageenan
  9. Sodium carboxy methyl cellulose(Na – CMC)

Wahal Pre-Mixing Machine

  1. Batch Intank High Shear Homogenizer:

Wahal portable batch type in tank mixer is highly useful for batch preparation. The in-tank homogenizers comprise of a single set of working head, i.e., a rotor-stator where the centrifugal forces created by the rotor sucks the material in the working heads and throwing it outwards to the stator walls, where the shearing takes place ensuring highly narrow and efficient droplet size distribution and evenly dissolved solids. Hence it becomes impossible for the material to miss from passing from the inlet to the outlet without being subjected to mechanical shear action. The stator is available with perforations of different size and shapes. This gives the advantage to the machine to adopt different processing operations.

2. Inline High Shear Four Stage Homogenizer:

our four-stage inline high shear homogenizer, which comprises of four stages of rotor and stator concentrically mounted in a housing with decreasing slot size in radially outward direction, which helps in the homogenization and is four times more efficient than a conventional homogenizer as the material passes through four sets of rotor and stator in a single pass.