Road Construction

The road network plays a vital role of development of each country. Roads are the main route of transportation for carrying goods and passengers. The road connectivity improving the socio-economic standards of a region. The road is a line of communication which stabilized the route between two places other than rails or air route and forms the basic infrastructure for the development and economic growth of the country. The primary use of roads for the motor vehicle running on their own wheels including bridges, tunnels, crossing, interchanges and supporting structures. The roads built by preparing earthworks and lifting road foundation at the center for the water drainage. The continuous development and construction techniques gradually improved by the study of road traffic, stone thickness and road alignment.

The investment of road construction is an indirect and for long term benefits which cannot visible immediately. For any nation, roads are very important assets and have to be planned carefully and a pavement which is not designed properly deteriorates fast. Each type of pavements having its own suitability in different environment with merits and demerit conditions. In India, the roads are having flexible pavements and still many conferences and research has been done on the use of waste material to prevent the environment but uses are very limited.

In India, road construction is contributing significant role in the growth of domestic product in the country. Road transport is more convenient than other modes of transport i.e., railways, airways and waterways because it is very quicker and more flexible. As comparison short distance travel, easy to way can collect and drop passenger and goods at any place by the road transport.

Wahal Engineers introduced the bitumen emulsion plant and polymer based modified bitumen plant. Bitumen is the by –product of refinery and uses for the bind the constituent of materials. Modified bitumen production polymers & rubbers such as SBS, APP, PVC, EVA are blended with bitumen primarily used in the production of road surfaces & roofing felts. The polymers modify bitumen to improve its physical stability, flexibility & resistance to extreme temperatures. Then Polymer based modified bitumen plant with varying of level of automations and productivity. Wahal works and support the improving the road network and think always development and growth of the country.



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