Ketchup Processing Plant

Tomato Sauces and Ketchups

With huge demand for ketchups around the world for pizzas, frozen foods, etc., the need for quality tomatoes are increasing. This is definitely placing high demands on your production and particularly on mixing technology. The standardized raw tomato paste and tomato ketchup with appropriate product viscosity needs to be obtained from appropriate ratio of ingredients. A wide range of tomato products can be prepared using tomato paste – purees, passata, paste, pizza sauces, salsa, soups, and ketchups by maintain high quality.

The Process

Typical ketchup reception and processing sections are as follows:

Reception Section:

  • Fresh tomatoes would be fed into the in-feed conveyor to feed the raw tomato to the reception section
  • The tomatoes are conveyed to fruit washing station to remove outer dirt and foreign matter from the fruit skin and grading section
  • Washed tomatoes would be fed to the inspection cum sorting table where unwanted and damaged tomatoes would be separated manually

Processing Section:

  • Washed and graded tomatoes would be passed on to the fruit mill having rotors and stator with inner and outer serration respectively to form initial thick puree
  • The material passed through the mill is pumped into a pulper to pulp the puree formed through the mill and de-seed the pulp to process further into fine paste
  • The so formed de-seeded pulp is fed into an inline pasteurizer for pasteurizing and further transferred to the processing/mixing vessel
  • The mixing vessel is mounted with a homogenizer and vacuum pump to process under vacuum and a feeding system to feed the desired volume of ingredients directly into the cooking kettle
  • The produced ketchup is then pumped into a buffer storage vessel which is then transferred into the packaging station

Packing Section:

We have customized packing solutions based on variety of needs

  • Glass Bottle Packing for Tomato Puree/Ketchup:

(Rotary Bottle Washing Machines, Inspection Conveyor (Semi-Automatic), Twin/Four Head Liquid Filling Machine for Ketch-up, Bottle Crowning and Sealing Machines (Automatic), Labelling Machine (Automatic)

  • Can Packing for Paste/Concentrate:

(Hot Filling Screw Pump, Can body reformer, Can Flanger, Can bottom seamer, Semi-Automatic Filling Machine, Can top seamer (Stationary Type), Lid embossing machine, Vacuum Tester, Canning Retorts, Steam Lines, Can Conveyor, Sticker Labelling Machine, Labelling Table)

Utility Section:

Steam Boiler with water softener, Cooling Tower, pump piping, Air compressor, Effluent Treatment Plant, Boiler Chimney, All service pipelines.

The Problem

Several problems arise while using conventional agitators:

  • Additives prepared to thicken the product could tend to agglomerates, which agitators cannot easily breakdown
  • Ingredients that are partially hydrated could accumulate on the vessel wall and on mixer
  • Complete dispersion required prolonged mixing times
  • To dilute tomato paste prolonged mixing times are required and may vary in viscosity
  • Series of pre-mixing is required by the homogenizer to get the desired product
  • Too much homogenization pressure can destroy, adversely affecting flavour, color, damaging water retention properties.
  • Improper handling and homogenization can lead to unattractive finishing of the product
  • Tomato pips in the product when whole tomatoes are used can be crushed while milling, resulting in bitter taste
The Solution

Wahal Engineers optimal solution helps you to prepare ketchups and other wide range of products using innovative food production technology. Based on expertise, our solutions are designed to allow you to get the right viscosity. In regards to recipe, the high shear mixing action under regulated heat treatment achieves the right product quality and characteristics. Our production line enables gentle mixing of particles, de-seeding, and processed under vacuum to maintain uniform distribution of flavour, color and consistency. Packing the end product – tomato paste and ketchups into glass bottles, can packing are performed using automatic machines to ensure vacuum sealed.

  • Reduction in processing times
  • Uniform mixing of ingredients to get smooth texture, improved product color and desired consistency
  • A mixer is used to polish the product after homogenization to enhance texture, consistency and sheen of ketchup