Polymer Modified Bitumen Plants

PMB has played a vital role over the last decades in high density traffic load zones resulting immensely higher road life .

Due to our vast experience , we offer uniquely designed PMB plants with varying of level of automations and productivity to match our clients needs.

Modified bitumen production polymers & rubbers such as SBS, APP, PVC, EVA are blended with bitumen primarily used in the production of road surfaces & roofing felts. The polymers modify bitumen to improve its physical stability, flexibility & resistance to extreme temperatures.

Some polymers such as SBS are more difficult to dissolve/disperse & require high shear to achieve a satisfactory mixing time. Our jacketed in-line mixers attain this. The bitumen/polymer mix is recycled through the in-line homogenizer where the high shear rotor/stator work head rapidly disintegrates the polymer pieces. This high shear action exposes constantly increasing areas of fresh polymer to the surrounding bitumen, reducing the process time.

Typical applications:

1. Polymer modified bitumen (SBS)
2. Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen (CRMB)
3. Bitumen emulsions, under seals & waterproofing compounds
4. Bitumen cable insulation

(1.) In-line homogenizer for modified bitumen Wahal engineers.

We offer a range of high shear in-line homogenizers developed for the disintegration & solubilization of polymers into bitumen for the production of modified bitumen. The body walls are electrically heating, ensuring that the product cannot cool or solidify inside machines.

Because processing products that solidify when cold requires thorough heat saturation before start-up, the machines ensure heat reaches all areas where residue accumulates.

Sealing is by means of a graphite/carbon fiber gland packing, designed for operation on bitumen’s. Standard mechanical shaft seals are available according to the application and the batch size can also be varied. Like all our units, in our interchangeable stators can adapt the machine for varying processes.



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