We manufacture and export a wide range of bitumen processing equipments like Bitumen Emulsion Plant, PMB Plant, and Cutback Plant. The specially designed Wahal make High Shear Inline homogenizer for works on the principle of the high centrifugal force produced due to the high rpm of the rotor mounted on the main spindle and thus producing a very high shear due to the specially designed minimal tolerance between the rotor and stator. The homogenizer is equipped with precision engineered rotor/ stator work head with a minimal tolerance between them that provides much more fine results.

The state of the art design of the homogenizer makes it operational for Cutback application for thorough mixing and dissolving of heated Bitumen with controlled amount of petroleum distillates/ solvents like Naptha, gasoline and kerosene, white spirit etc. The heated Bitumen from the Bitumen Storage tank is pumped through the Bitumen feed pump while the solvent from the solvent storage tank is pumped through the solvent feed pump into the Wahal Engineers High Shear Inline homogenizer for perfect mixing and dissolving of Bitumen and solvent, while the prepared Cutback Bitumen is pumped into the Cutback storage tank.

1. Jacket for Heating/complete insulation of the pipeline and the homogenizer
2. Different sizing of the rotor-stator assembly depending upon the throughput/ flow rate
3. Low Electrical power as per the required through- put
4. Large selection of materials for product contacted parts namely, S. S-304, S. S-316L, etc.
5. Power transmission depending upon the rotational speed may be a coupling or V-belt
6. Stuffing box with specially impregnated gland sealing for shaft
7. Different end connections: Flange design, Tri Clover (TC)
8. Binary entrance for merging different partial flows

• Highest quality standards
• High throughput with excellent size reduction results
• Continuous and controllable process in a closed system
• Low-wear and easy to maintain