Tomato Processing

Tomato Pulp and Juice Extraction:

Tomato juice and pulp are the major raw material of processing of high-value-added food items like puree, sauce, ketchup, chutney, powder, etc.

Selection of Tomatoes → Cleaning (rotary washers or trough washers) → Trimming (remove outer layer) → Pulping or juice extraction → Hot pulping / Cooking ( at least 82°C

for 15-20 seconds)

Equipments for pulp or juice extraction: 

  1. Pulper 

Addition of ingredients :

  1. Spices
  2. Sugar
  3. Common salt
  4. Vinegar
  5. Thickening agent – Pectin
  6. Corn Starch




  1. Tomato-Chili Sauce
  2. Tomato & Tamarind sauce

Wahal Ketchup Processing Line:

  1. Vacuum Homogenization System

Vacuumizer is a customized integrated solution for mixing, cutting, homogenizing and emulsification applications.

Here are the major features of our Vacuumizer:

  • vacuum deaeration ( Vacuum improves the texture of the product by eliminating air bubbles inside ).
  • Four stage homogenizer for perfect mixing, emulsification and achieving fine droplets of the prepared emulsion.
  • Bottom drive homogenizer for perfect grinding and cutting of the product in a hermetically sealed environment.
  • Contra-rotary agitator comprising of perforated blades and scrapers for the perfect blending of the ingredients in the main vessel.
  • Direct Steam Injection (DSI) for perfect and efficient heating of the product.
  • Bucket lifts for automatic feeding of solids, vegetables, and other ingredients directly into the main vessel.
  • Vacuum Homogenization under a hermetically sealed environment ensuring a smooth texture and eliminating air pockets in the final product. Also helps to incorporate solid ingredients into the process easy and also lowers the boiling point of the product and thus saves a lot of energy and even the process time is shortened extensively.
  • Automatic dosing unit/Recipe station for the controlled dosage of oil, solids, liquids and all other ingredients.
  • PLC/SCADA based Control Panel with HMI for recipe storage along with actuated valves, load cells for weight indication, flow control for recipe formulation.

4 stages inline homogenizer for smooth fine texture :

This creates a very smooth fine texture during the passes of ketchup with other ingredients for the formulation of stable ketchup. a four-stage inline high shear homogenizer, which comprises of four stages of rotor and stator concentrically mounted in a housing with decreasing slot size in radially outward direction, which helps in the homogenization and is four times more efficient than a conventional homogenizer as the material passes through four sets of rotor and stator in a single pass. This homogenizer is used to homogenize other ingredients to the Ketchup paste to prepare a consistent homogeneous end product, can also be used to emulsify oils in the paste and provide a smooth fine texture to the prepared product.