Suspension Concentrate Plants


SC Suspension Concentrate Plants 

We manufacture complete turnkey solutions for manufacture of herbicides, fungicides , insecticides etc. Products like SC ,  suspension concentrate, emulsion concentrate, Lambda, CS Lambda, fipronil and WDG manufacturing, nano emulsions, and other liquid fertilizers .

Plants can handle massive quantities of raw material , process them and pack them into various bottle sizes.

Pesticide Fertilizers plant Machinery
WDG Machinery ( Water Dispersible Granules)
Suspension Concentrate Plants Machinery
Emulsion Concentrate Plants Machinery
CG Formulation – Coated Granules Machinery


Our clientage includes the top pesticide manufacturing companies in India and across the globe .

Our state of the art machinery Can achieve particle sizes of < 10 microns d90 in less than hour for different batch sizes. Our highly professional and reliable service team looks after our clients and their demand for spares globally . 

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For agrochemicals, pesticides, insecticides and fertiliser industry.

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