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Wahal engineer is among well-reputed and experienced manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of an extensive range of Pharmaceutical Vessels that comprises Pressure Vessel, Filling Vessel and CIP Vessel. The processing of liquids in the pharmaceutical industry has specific purity requirements that can only be met with great technical knowledge and skills, and the use of high-quality materials. Our products are fabricated to meet the defined industry standards and are resistant to the hazards such as poisonings, suffocation, fires, and explosion hazards. These high-quality process vessels are safe and reliable and offer a competitive advantage to their clients.

The processing of sterile and non-sterile liquids, such as blood plasma have certain purity criteria that can only be completed with great technical skill and experience. Pharmaceutical vessels from Wahal Engineer set standards and ensure that our customers ‘central process components’ have competitive advantages. These Vessels are developed using only high-alloy stainless steel. These materials require the most exacting welding and grinding techniques to ensure the integrity, long life and reliability of the vessels. We check each weld using modern techniques to provide continuous monitoring of results.

Application of preparation vessel for production of highly sterile products can be listed as:

  • Preparation vessel for production of highly sterile products
  • Buffer preparation vessel for blood plasma fractionation
  • Media preparation for pharmaceutical fermentation processes

The Benefits of Using Stainless-Steel Vessels for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries are:

  1. It makes the production process much simpler and more cost-efficient for the user.
  2. Stainless steel is used in pharmaceutical processing facilities where strict quality and hygiene compulsions are of critical importance to avoid any contamination.

Why Pharmaceutical and the healthcare industry should go for Stainless steel vessels?

  1. Higher resistance to cracking and temperature
  2. High corrosion resistance
  3. High physical strength and durability
  4. Chemicals treatments reduce reactivity
  5. Recyclable
  6. Hygienic

Pharmaceutical Vessel Functional Specifications:


  • Volume: 


  • Material: Stainless Steel 
  • Surface finish:
  • Surface polishing:
  • Pressure: pressureless
  • Temperature:
  • Cleaning options:
  • Design:



Wahal Engineer supplies all vessels as stand-alone equipment (stationary or mobile) or as automated process units delivered as fully functional modules installed on-site that include: agitators; homogenizers; metering and regulating technology; control units; valves and pipe connections. Hazardous Environments options are also available.



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