High Shear Mixer

High Shear Mixers Homogenizers

Types of High Shear Homogenizers –

1. Bottomdrive High Shear mixers ( Bottom mounted high shear mixer )

2.  Batch High Shear Mixer Homogenizers

3. Inline High Shear Mixer Homogenizers

What is homogenization ?
The word homogeneous has origins in Medieval Latin  homogeneus, equivalent to homogene stem of Greek homogenḗs of the same kind .

This refers to anything being similar. When this is applied to the process industry , homogenizer is a device which is used in making any number of liquids or solid- liquids homogeneous.

If we talk about this at a commercial scale, homogenizer is a device which can blend , dissolve, disperse, emulsify or mix 2 or more hetrogeneous liquids or liquid-solids.

Hence homogenizers have gained a lot of popularity in the processing industry owing to their fast and energy efficient outputs with a very minimum space requirement.

Homogenizers act on centrifugal force producing varied results according to requirement.

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