Bottom Entry Mounted Homogenizer

Bottom Mounted Homogenizers/Mixers

High shear homogenizer mounted at the bottom is used to disperse immiscible liquids, solid in liquids, preparing homogeneous slurries and powder dissolution in liquids for complete batch.

Bottom mounted homogenizer also commonly known bottom entry mixer. The major application of bottom homogenizer is emulsification, blending, dissolution of solids into the liquids as desired by the application. The working head, i.e., the rotor/stator breaks down hard solids into fine particles. 

The bottom entry mounted homogenizers are best suitable for dis-integrating, dissolving, solubilizing, and dispersing solid in the liquids and can accommodate harder solids into the liquids/solutions as desired by the application.

The bottom drive is mounted on the bottom of the vessel with the working head (rotor & stator) dipping in the material being processed. The homogenizer is responsible for dis-integrating solids in the liquid and break huge blocks/bricks/agglomerates present into fine particles to ease the dissolving of the solids in the liquids. The solids are literally ripped apart into fine particles and are easily dispersed into the mix.

        How is it work?

  1. The major working principle is the shear force produced between the rotor and stator head.
  2. The material is pumped out from the rotor head centrifugally towards the stator walls.
  3. Due to the minimum tolerance between the rotor and stator material is crushed due to the shear force produced and homogeneous product comes out forcefully from the stator. The crushed material is projected in the radially outward direction towards the outlet.

Features :

1  Mixing, homogenization & emulsification.
 2. Dissolving powder ingredient in liquid feed.
 3. Particle size reduction with uniform dispersion.
 4. Disintegration of enlarge particle cluster.
 5. Dispersion of solid in liquids.
 6. Disintegration of agglomerates
 7. Batch mixing homogenization & emulsification
 8. Create stable emulsion & suspension


  • Pharmaceutical Industry :
  • Ointment & creams
  • Cough syrups
  • Tablet Coatings
  • Vaccines
  • Cosmetic Industry :
  • Carbopol Gels
  • Lipsticks
  • Toothpaste   
  • Food Industry :
  • Preparation of Mustards
  • Manufacture of Mayonnaise
  • Manufacture of Tomato sauces and ketchups.
  • Preparation of Ginger Garlic paste.



  • The high shear mixer is designed for sanitary applications and can be configured to meet compliance with FDA norms. Our high shear mixers can also be supplied with ATEX approved motors or IEC -60079 Flameproof/explosion-proof motors with certification for hazardous applications.
  • Inlet and Outlet: Can be designed as per the specific requirement ( Flanged, DIN connections, Tri-clamp, ASA, etc. )
  • Control panel: ATEX approved control panels can also be supplied with our high shear mixers.
  • Motors: TEFC ( Totally enclosed fan cool ), Explosion-proof / ATEX certified motors can be supplied as standard to be used with frequency inverters or starters. Washdown motors and stainless motors can also be supplied.
  • Rotor/ stator: Can be supplied extra with each high shear mixer ( Expect the 4 stage model ) and can be used interchangeably as per the application.

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