Bead Mills

We manufacture an extensive range of Bead Mill ( 1.4-150 liters), manufactured using high-grade raw material to ensure optimum quality in the end product. Our ZR splash series assists ineffective energy transfer of power of the main motors to the grinding beads and is provided with a well-built agitator disc. This further, enables to break of solid matters into grounded form. Thus, our Bead Mills are highly appreciated for low power consumption, high performance, and fine milling effect.

Wahal Engineers is a leading Bead Mills manufacturer and exporter. Our Bead Mills are extremely valued for high performance.

  • Bead mill is a specially designed modular wet grinding/dispersion mill for nano particle size reduction.
  • Offer a number of models ranging from 1.4 liters to 60 liters capacity.
  • Thermal protection for thermosensitive products.
  • A special centrifugal separation system ensures high flow rates while achieving an intensive degree of grinding.
  • Double cooling mechanism system for precision temperature control.
  • Results in highly efficient micro-grinding of even tough materials.
  • Particle size up to one micron or 50 nm to 500 nm can be achieved.
  • Designed for water-based and solvent-based slurries.


The red oxide paint mixer machine combines cement and oxide first in the dry form, and then slowly adds water to get a consistent slurry-like mix. This mix is a natural or synthetic inorganic red pigment that provides a lightfast color at a low cost.

Alumina suspensions
Starch solutions
Calcium carbonate
Milk powder
Fumed Silica