FFS Pouch Packing Machine

A lead in a compact format! A new generation in a new dynamic!


Wahal Engineer vertical filling and sealing machines of the FlexiBag series are very space-saving, designed for high performance (output) with reproducible seal. All appliances are fully automatic and designed in Two-Mode-Tec design and work intermittently (Bi) and/or continuously (Bc). For exceptionally high performance, we have two-lane versions of types 260 and 400. The design of the formats enables the production of hose bags without and with a wedge, bags with a block bottom, and StabilPack bags, as well as four-sided or spherical bags. The wide range of packaging shapes also requires individual formats for the realization of sealing seams and different bag properties. Almost all common bag functions can be realized.


Wahal Engineers offer our clients the FFS Pouch Packing Machine. Industries that need to package and sell granular and liquid products in pouches can use the FFS packaging machine. 

The machine makes it very easy to fill and close the bags. It is useful for packing granular products such as tea, washing powder, spices, milk powder, and other products. Liquid products such as soft drinks, chocolate paste, jams, and shampoos are easily packaged with this machine. It can also be used for packing lubricating and hair oils. Technopack machines Vista offers for sale the best FFS packaging machine for manufacturers and sellers of products that need to be bagged. The machine is protected from rust damage as it is corrosion-resistant. 


It requires very less maintenance and little power is consumed to run the machine. The seal is made from three and four sides. The machine will also create a center seal on the bag.


Details of FFS Pouch Packing Machine:
Form Fill Seal (FFS) machines are packaging machines that form, fill and seal a package on the same machine.


We take pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the renowned firms for providing the best-in-class range of Automatic Pouch Packing Machines.

  1. Sealing Type: Center Seal/Three Side Seal/Foreside seal
  2. FFS To Pack: Powder and Solid
  3. Feeding System: Volumetric Cup Filler
  4. Electrical Supply: 220 V, AC, Single Phase, 50 Hz OR 440 V, AC, Three-Phase, 50 Hz
  5. Packing Film: Any Heat Sealable Laminate
  6. Temperature Controller: Digital
  7. FFS Machine Speed: 25-30 and 60-70 Pouch / Min ( Depends upon Pouch Size and product weight to be filled)
  8. FFS Contact Parts: Food Grand Stainless Steel SS 316 / SS 304
  9. FFS Compressed Air: 6 CFM @ 6 Bar (Depending On Attachments)
  10. FFS Volumetric Cup Filler Collar Packing Machine: (-) (+) 1%