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Automotive coating/paint is used on automobiles for both protection and decoration purposes. Water-based acrylic polyurethane enamel paint is currently the most widely used paint owing to its environmental impact.

Faults in Existing System

Over the years, paint mixing technologies have faced various challenges. Each challenge leading to a more effective solution. The breaking down of pigments to form agglomeration and dispersing of the solids into a homogenous mixture was achieved with the help of High Shear disperser. The development of the high speed disperser (HSD) blade, paved the way to faster processing of paints and coatings. In spite of its advantages these machines were unable to meet the Industrial requirement of the desired level of size reduction. They were incompetent in terms of production time, as the process demands higher processing time leading to slow production time. In a way affecting its productivity.

Wahal Engineer’s High Shear Mixer & high speed disperser for Paint and Coatings Industries, Paint Manufacturing Process advantages machines.


Wahal Engineer’s High Shear Mixer has the all round solution to this problem. The affectivity of the disperser fails to produce a uniform dispersed emulsion. The emulsion may apparently appear to be uniform and well dispersed but with time it becomes unstable and one phase soon separates. Wahal Engineer’s manufactured high shear mixer has formulated an efficient way out to resolve the challenge. The turbulence produced as a result of the high shear obtained from the rotor and stator indulges in the breaking up of the larger solid particles into minute size and to form a stable uniform emulsion. In some cases the disperser is able to achieve a sufficiently small droplet size, but that success comes only at the cost of excessive heat build-up, and an unnecessarily long and costly mix cycle. Wahal manufactured high shear mixer is the ultimate solution when time and cost is a concern, as the time required by the high shear mixer is drastically reduced because of its high efficiency. This in turns affect the product quality thereby increasing productivity. In emulsion applications involving materials as epoxies, silicone polymers, acrylics and urethanes, the failure in disperser can be averted with a Wahal Engineering manufactured batch-type high shear mixer (HSM) with a rotor/stator design. As the rotating blades pass each opening in the stator, materials are expelled at high velocity into the surrounding mix. Combining mechanical and hydraulic shear, the rotor/stator can quickly reduce droplet size to the submicron range. For non-shear sensitive formulations, a fine screen stator will accelerate this process producing superior dispersions in a fraction of the time.

In a nutshell, this high shear mixer is a must-have product for you if you want to achieve proper emulsification, material particle size reduction, homogenization, solubilization, and dispersion of your raw materials. Well, Wahal Engineer’s manufactured high shear mixer will thus guarantee a homogenous mixture ending your search for the production of the best quality Automotive coating.



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