Sigma Mixers


Sigma Mixers (Z arm Mixers)

Sigma/ Z Blade Mixer is used for uniform mixing of semi solid materials. The Machine consists of a U trough with two ‘Z’ shape blades each rotating in opposite directions for proper mixing of material. Machine equipped with suitable capacity motor & gearbox decided as per characteristics of the product & process. Equipment is provided with Jacket arrangement for heating or cooling applications.

This is most suitable machine for mixing the pasty, thick material in a uniform way. this consists two shafts of ‘Z’ shapes blades moving in opposite direction at different speeds, available in stainless steel construction also and jacketing for cooling or hating may be provided.

Specially designed for : Mixing of Chemical, Mineral, Agro Products, Agricultural Products, Screen of Powder, Stone, Ore,Spices, Ceramic Refractory, Coal, Sand, Gyratory, Chemical, Mineral, Spice, Pharmacy, Ayurvedic, Ceramic, Salt, Tobacco, Cattle Feed, Poultry Feed, mixing glass putty, plasticizer solution, biscuit dough, sauce, polymers, Adhesives Biscuit dough, Butyl rubber, Carbon pastes, Ceramics, Chemicals, Chewing gum, Crayon and pencil lead, Explosives, Fiberglass resin doughs, Food and confectionery products

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