Piston filling machines with capping

filling machines with capping

Piston filling machines with capping, labeling, and sealing

Application process:

The automatic monobloc rotary machine for filling and capping liquid bottles works on the volumetric principle with a rotary head with a syringe, piston, and nozzle. 

It is used for filling liquids into bottles in the pharmaceutical, food, dairy, agrochemical, and beverage industries.

The automatic rotary piston cum filling machines with capping, labeling, and sealing is versatile and self-supporting on stainless steel structures. The machine is precisely built with a rotary head with drives for filling and sealing. The basic machine works on the volumetric principle with a rotary movement. The unit is compact, versatile, and enclosed in a stainless steel body with an elegant matte finish. The main drive of the machine, the drive of the conveyor, and the bowl for feeding the caps consist of a motor with a synchronized variable Drive and No container No filling, and no sealing. 


Containers are fed from the washer or scraper and move on the conveyor, fed under the filling nozzles via the feed auger and input star wheel. The filling station consists of a volumetric filling head and a central rotating liquid tank. This tank is filled with liquid continuously from an external source. 


Inlet liquid is controlled automatically by sensing the liquid level in the tank using a float level switch to operate a pneumatically operated solenoid valve. The filling volume can be adjusted with a screw that changes the volume of all syringes at the same time. Fine adjustment of the individual syringe should be possible using a mechanism located on the top of the individual syringe.


After filling, the star wheel brings the container under the capping head in the subsequent indexing part, which means that the bottle picks up the cap from the discharge chute of the cap feeding bowl, where the body and neck of the containers are placed under the rotating head, where the sealing head performs a perfect operation of threading and sealing and moving the container to the next process for inspection, labeling or packaging.

  • Distinctive features:

    • Designed according to cGMP – compliance with current good manufacturing practices
    • All contact parts AISI 316 and non-contact parts AISI 304.
    • Filling and sealing on one machine
    • One operator for two operations.
    • To avoid contamination due to immediate closure of the filled bottle.
    • Centralized volume adjustment mechanism.
    • No bottle No refill for single head to prevent spillage.
    • External cap feeder system according to cGMP standards.
    • The minimum and maximum cap levels in the hopper must be maintained via the sensor to avoid damage and chafing of the cap.
    • Liquid level sensor for automatic maintenance of the minimum and maximum level in the tank.
    • The inching system provides volume adjustment and sealing operations.

Technical Specification:

Output/Hour2500 to 75004000 to 100006500 to 120007000 to 14500
No of Filling Heads/Syringe681216
No of Sealing Heads6888
No of labeling
No of capping 
Direction Of MovementLeft to Right
Fill Size***30 ml. to 200 ml.


Main Machine3 HP / 415 Volts /50Hz.5 HP/ 415 Volts / 50Hz.
Orientation Bowl0.25 HP / 415 Volts / 50Hz.0.5 HP / 415 Volts / 50Hz
Conveyor800 mm to 850 adjustable0.75 HP / 415 Volts / 50Hz.
Height of Conveyor**800 mm to 850 adjustable
Piston filling machines


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