High Speed Disperser/Dissolver

Wahal range of high speed dispersers/dissolvers are widely used in various industries in manufacturing of pigments, paints, inks, adhesive, chemicals and many other products.

The disperser unit comprises of a high speed rotary blade which ensures rapid breaking of lumps present in the liquid powder mixture, uniformly distributing and wetting the powdered content in the liquid phase. While major application is to dissolve soluble solids/powders in liquid phase.

Wahal Process Technologies Pvt. Ltd, designed high shear cowl blade ensures perfect mixing and improves the efficiency of the process. The efficiency of mixing and dissolving is proportional to the tip speed of the blade which is in turn dependent on the blade diameter and rpm at the particular instant. The diameter of the blade is generally 30-40% of the vessel.

Wahal Engineers high-speed disperser machine uses as per below:-

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We manufacture and export a wide range of high speed disperser, high speed dissolver mixer which works on the principle of high rpm of the rotor mounted directly on the spindle which causes dispersion action. There are different design of the rotor blades depending upon the application such as cowl type blade, jet foil blades, and many more. The most widely used range is the Twin Shaft Dispersers and Triple Shaft Dispersers. It also to be used for paint manufacturing machines. It called high speed disperser for paints Machine

Twin/Dual Shaft Disperser/Mixer

In a Twin shaft mixer, the feed product is put into the high-speed disperser blade and to control the mixture for the uniform mixing inside the tank.


  • Optional fixed stands for fixing the dispersers of lifting with hydraulics to adjust the height
  • Hydraulic lifting stands along with sealing lids to perform the process in an enclosed manner or under vacuum if required
  • Speed variation for each drive to vary the required rpm for processes
  • Various tool design/work-heads for a wide range of applications

For more info visit – https://wahalengineers.com/twin-shaft-dispersers/

Triple Shaft/Multi Shaft Disperser/Mixer

Multi shaft dispersers refers to the range of dispersers have a number of work heads or mixing blades driven through a single or multiple drives as per the design.


    • Paint, Pigment & Ink Industry
    • Pharmaceutical industry for highly viscous semi-solid
    • Chemicals, Agro-chemicals & Adhesives

The design of the triple shaft mixer extends and is advanced technology over the dual shaft mixer.

  • Wahal Engineers high-speed disperser machine uses as per below:- paint making machine, paint grinding machine, paint mixing machine, high-speed disperser for paints. We are Leading high-speed disperser manufacturers in India
  • The high shear mixer is designed for sanitary applications and can be configured to meet compliance with FDA norms. Our high shear mixers can also be supplied with ATEX-approved motors or IEC -60079 Flameproof/explosion-proof motors with certification for hazardous applications.
  • Inlet and Outlet: Can be designed as per the specific requirement ( Flanged, DIN connections, Tri-clamp, ASA, etc. )
    Control panel: ATEX-approved control panels can also be supplied with our high shear mixers.
  • Motors: TEFC ( Totally enclosed fan cool ), Explosion-proof / ATEX certified motors can be supplied as standard to be used with frequency inverters or starters. Washdown motors and stainless motors can also be supplied.
  • Rotor/ stator: Can be supplied extra with each high shear mixer ( Expect the 4 stage model ) and can be used interchangeably as per the application.


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