DIS Integrated Dissolver

dis integrated dissolver

Dis-integrated Dissolver

Dis-integrated Dissolvers are best suitable for dis-integrating, dissolving, solubilizing, and dispersing solid in the liquids in a singular operation and can accommodate harder solids into the liquids/solutions as desired by the application.

The complete system comprise of a desire volume vessel mounted with an bottom mounted homogenizer responsible for dis-integrating solids in the liquids and also break huge blocks/bricks/agglomerates present into fine particles to ease the dissolving of the solids in the liquids. The solids are literally ripped apart into fine particles and are easily dispersed into the mix. The mix is then fed into the high shear inline homogenizer for achieving the final smooth and fine texture. The final product so formed is dispersed, dissolved, solubilized stable product with the solids completely suspended into the mix.


  1. Dis-integration of rubbers into the liquids/solvents.
  2. Dis-integration of polymers into the liquids/solvents
  3. Processing of lube oils
  4. Adhesive manufacturing