Preparation of Drilling Fluids

Dispersion and hydration of Barite ( a mordant material) require an advanced system other than rotor/stator mixers. Diffusion of the bentonite and rheology transforms into water or brine for preparation of the water/oil emulsions. The following processes fulfill this transaction:

  • Efficient incorporation and dispersion of powders into the water
  • Surrounding liquid with finest constituent parts of particles to expose the maximum surface area for gelling effect
  • Functional Shear Degree
  • The rapid in-tank movement
  • Sufficient droplet size for a stable emulsion


Problems with basic equipment:

  • The particles collected using conventional mixers are not effectively broken.
  • During the gelling effect, conventional products are inefficient and are unable to reduce particle size.
  • Extra mix tanks are required to pre-hydrate bentonite in a minimum of 4 hours.


Drilling fluids include:

  • Bore cuttings of the surface
  • Cooling and Lubrication of the drill
  • Control of subsurface pressure


A Wahal Engineer high shear mixer/homogenizer can overcome each problem resulting in a stable water/oil emulsion. Also, it takes little time compared to conventional methods. The operation is as follows:

  1. The high-speed rotation of the rotor produces an efficient suction that collects the water and bentonite in the system which is subjected to high shear.
  2. Milling action occurs between the rotor and stator, which breaks and ensures contact between the liquid and solid particles.
  3. Fresh material is pushed into the system after the complete product is pushed out of the stator.
  4. A lump-free dispersion after the combination of deagglomeration and vigorous mixing produces further; thus, accelerating the hydration process.


Advantage of our product:

  • Fitting in the existing plant
  • Breaking of hard agglomerates
  • Powder dispersion
  • Reduces process time
  • Increased yield
  • Reduced Size for a stable oil/water emulsion


The High shear mixer/homogenizer concentrates its effort on the relatively small volume within the system rather than the entire batch, a more energy-efficient process. The drilling muds can be produced using an In-Line mixer available on a recirculation basis. However, the modified Flashmix powder/liquid mixing systems can also be supplied for continuous single-pass production of mud, and these tend to be used for onshore drilling of pipelines.

High shear In-Line mixer homogenizer for Preparation of Drilling Fluids. Wahal Engineer’s high-performance rotor/stator system.

High Shear In-Line Mixers/homogenizer

  • Should be used in conjunction with an effective agitator to wet out powders and ensure in-tank uniformity
  • They are ideal for huge batches
  • Are aeration free
  • They can be easily retrofitted to the existing plant
  • Includes self-pumping
  • Can be used to discharge vessel, depending on the available product’s viscosity
  • Have availability of multistage units


Wahal Engineer high shear In-Line mixer/homogenizer provides advantages to the processor – speed, versatility, self-pumping, aeration-free, and guaranteed efficiency. At the core of every mixer is Wahal Engineer’s high-performance rotor/stator system.


  1. The high-speed rotor blades with a precision-based mixing system exert a high suction; thus, moving the liquid and solid materials into the present rotor/stator assembly.
  2. The materials using Centrifugal force move to the periphery of the system where milling action occurs between the rotor blades and stator.
  3. Hydraulic shear forces perforations in the stator and then to the machine outlet along the pipework.
  4. Fresh material fills the system maintaining the mixing and pumping cycle.


Technical Information

  • Capacity
  • No Bypassing
  • Interchangeable systems
  • Materials of Construction
  • Motor Specification
  • Inlet and Outlet Connections


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