Blending is the process of miscible liquids that are easily liquefied into homogenous phase. Agitators can easily blending of similar viscosities liquids but if viscosities are found different then agitators cannot give satisfactory results. Then, high shear mixers are used in that place which provides high speed force to blend of liquid instantaneously. With some other applications, blending can be done in continuous process such as distillery operation, beverage, paints, dyes, etc.

In blending operations of liquids of similar or greatly varying viscosities the unique Wahal mill mixing action can rapidly produce a guaranteed.

Wahal Homogenizer are best suitable for blending significantly different viscosity material with the high shearing action of the rotor/stator assembly draws the liquids into the work head where they are rapidly combined before being forced out through the stator and projected back into the vessel; the liquids are blended almost instantaneously.



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