Fruit juice manufacturing process

The process of producing juice varies from factory to factory. It can be made from fresh fruits, vegetables, concentrates, chilled water jams, or aseptic mixtures. If produced with fresh fruit, all equipment used for fruit and vegetable storage – selection, cleaning, and extraction needs to be highly appropriate. This procedure indicates that different processing lines for fresh fruit and vegetable extraction are needed.

However, if made from a concentrated or sterile mixed paste, the ingredients go directly into the mixing and mixers, where they are blended in a batch or continuous system. Nowadays, manufacturers tend to produce many different juice varieties produced from various concentrates or fruits. Moreover, the system guarantees complete hygiene of the entire process while using the same production line for different products.

But when it comes to orange juice, another process is involved because the enzyme must be inactivated before the liquid can be pasteurized. In some methods, a homogenizer may also be required to ensure a homogeneous mixture of ingredients.

Most juices are packaged in aseptic packaging. Products intended for storage in the refrigerator are packaged using ultra-clean packaging technology, and those contained in glass bottles are usually hot-filled.

Products or waste produced by fruit juices, such as meat, can also be replicated to produce dehydrated feed for livestock, citric acid, essential oils, molasses, and candied peels for making jelly. Certain orange oils (called d-limonene) have excellent solvent properties and are sold as industrial cleaners.

Let’s dive into the complete juice/beverage and soft drink production line:

    • Fruit washing and cleaning machine
    • Roller selection machine
    • Bubble type blanching machine
    • Crush type juice extractor machine
    • Preheating enzyme
  • Homogenizer
  • Mixers
  • Sterilization cooler
  • Aseptic filling machine


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