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Wahal Process Technologies Private Limited, is leading manufacturing, suppliers, Exporters for High Shear Mixer Homogenizer, inline shear mixer pump, high shear inline mixer which can be used for Liquid Hand Wash Plants, liquid filling machinery, liquid hand wash production line.

Manufacture hand wash liquid Plants, Face Cream Manufacturing Plant, we do customized for you.

LIQUID HANDWASHES mainly consist of water with diluted SLES (sodium lauryl ethyl sulphate) or sometimes SLS with different ingredients and coloring pigments and perfumesetc.

The same system can be used for liquid detergents, hand wash, cosmetics like creams, shampoos, face washes, toiletries, Refreshing Moisturizer Manufacturing Plant etc.

Uses of Hand Wash Manufacturing Plant for Shampoos, Body lotion Mixer and face cream manufacturing plant

We do custom made processing solutions for hand wash manufacturing line,  liquid handwashes including customised dosing solutions which can be fully automated and personalized. The dosing includes both solids / powders and liquid ingredients in various different ratios.

Our hand Wash Manufacturing plant is best for hand wash manufacturing line, liquid handwash production line, solutions for liquid hand washes, customized mixing solutions, refreshing moisturizer manufacturing plant etc.

Another important aspect of our systems is homogenization under vacuum and desecration. This ensures no foaming during the process and also desecration to ensure a highly glossy and air free product.

Healthcare Products Plants – High shear homogenizer

Our customized mixing solutions can also give you adjustable shear for different products i.e both shear sensitive and high shear materials can be processed.



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