High Pressure Homogenizer

An application that uses a very small particle can use a high-pressure homogenizer. Wahal Engineers High-Pressure Homogenizer improves throughput, process efficiency and reduces operating costs.

High Pressure Homogenizer Pump manufacturer in India 

A high-pressure homogenizer works best with a mixture of uniform and fine particle size, allowing the product to cross the homogenizer at an extremely faster rate in and around. They fulfill a diverse customer requirement with a wide range of High-Pressure Homogenizer Pumps used in laboratories, industries, and various other applications.


Mostly High Pressure Homogenizer pumps uses for improve the Quality of Milk


These are used for many applications and products in the food, pharmaceutical industries, and biotechnology. However, the particle sizes in the nano range have to be achieved in the following cases.

  • Cell disruption in biotechnology
  • Homogenizing milk products
  • Production of infusion solutions
  • Production of micro-fibrillated celluloses
  • Production of all types of microemulsions